How to Get Great E-Juice at Wholesale Prices

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Do you find yourself buying a whole lot of e-liquids, and spending a whole lot of money while your at it? Well now you don’t have to break the bank anymore as you can buy your favorite e-juice at wholesale prices.

How to Buy E-Juice Wholesale

Tons of manufacturers have discounted services dedicated to retail vape shops in the hopes that they will buy e-juice in bulk wholesale. You can take advantage of this by simply opening up a wholesale account at the manufacturer of your favorite e-liquid, and buying 50-100 bottles of your favorite juice at the same price as you would buy 20.

Some manufacturers will be selling their products as low $8 a bottle, or even lower if you end up buying 100 or more. So let’s say you usually buy 20 bottles for the next 3 months at $24.99 a bottle. This means you’ll be spending about $500 bucks.

$24.99 x 20 = $499.80

That $500 bucks can go a long way if you decide to order wholesale instead straight …


Keep an Eye on Your eLiquid Levels

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For some people, running out of eLiquid is no big deal — they just wait patiently until they have the opportunity to order some more and go about their lives in the meantime, probably skipping and humming a little song. For the vast majority of us, however, suddenly discovering that our eLiquid supply has run dry is more like a scene in a movie where the protagonist learns that he’s been the killer all along. There’s the frantic denial: “Noooo!” shouted in agonizing slow motion, and the inevitable choked sobs as our hero accepts personal responsibility for all of the procrastination in placing an order for eLiquid.

Aside from the cinematic entertainment value of this scenario, running out of eLiquid can be a real problem. Most people don’t have the option of walking down to the convenience store to restock and instead have to order online, which can take days. During this time, there is a danger of relapse in using over-the-counter tobacco products. Cigarettes and other tobacco products are widely available, and it’s …


Let Me Introduce E-Cigarette

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To cease smoking is the easiest thing I ever did. I ought to know because I’ve done it a thousand times.
Mark Twain

Perhaps the above statement best explains the dilemma faced by a smoker. Smoking is injurious to help. This is a statement that most of us have come across umpteen times; and yet fail to adhere to. We all know that smoking is related to a number of diseases, including cancer, yet when it comes to quitting we almost always end up on the losing side. So why is it so hard to quit smoking? The reason for this is the fact that our body has been addicted to a regular intake of nicotine.

But more than the addiction to nicotine itself, it is the addiction to a particular routine. So, the feel of a cigarette in your hand, the smoke traveling through your bronchioles and the sensation experienced thereby are some of the factors, which make smoking such a pleasure. Moreover, smoking has traditionally been associated with machismo, with several Hollywood actors …


An Overview Of How E Cigarettes May Help Some People Quit Smoking

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Introducing A “New” Habit To and Replace An Old “One”...

E Cigarettes or e cigs are popular with many people these days. They are very affordable, and cost much less than real packs of cigarettes. And, by using one, not only is a person not taking bad elements into their body, he or she can “smoke” in many places that are normally “off-limits” to regular tobacco smokers. Furthermore, use of these e cigarettes may even help some people “kick the habit” altogether.

Here is a brief overview of how someone might Use E Cigarettes to Quit Smoking.

A person might start by using the e cigarette, in place of the real one, a few times a day. A lot of people have found this an easy way to introduce a new “habit” into the routine of their “old” one. In other words, by replacing their regular tobacco, just once or twice a day with the new “smoke”, they are helping to divert themselves into doing something different. In time, someone may find they are …